Our Company

We make technology matter by transforming retail stores into digital shops to create blocky marketplaces for the next generation of shoppers in the retail ecosystem.

Block Commerce

Who We Are

We are a company of people spanning real-time storefront visualization systems, machine learning product data structures, and artificially intelligent shopping processes who are passionate about creating a new backbone for the commercial Internet, a decentralized sell-side network that maintains the integrity of product data through a distributed supply-side blockchain model.

What We Do

We are a group of developers committed to democratizing the commercial web by empowering businesses to share product catalogs, or product inventories with their customers, to drive product demand for consumers while minimizing inventory liabilities for businesses through our proprietary block commerce (blockchain, blockshare, and blocktrade) technologies.

Why We Care

We are dedicated to making technology matter. In a world where the power of new commerce technologies often poses great uncertainties, we place a great deal of emphasis on understanding their social impacts because they have the potential to alter the way people live, work, and play. In many cases, emerging retail technologies create efficiencies, shifting profit pools from one industry to another to bring about more productivity. Yet despite these economic benefits, the ability to measure their social harms has remained limited. For instance, advancements in robotics have real potential to drive tangible improvements in quality of life while artificially intelligent systems have the potential to change the way people buy, which often times results in wider disparities in education, employment, or income due to accessibility. We believe in making technology matter not only in terms of financial impact but also its capacity to enrich people’s lives.

Working Together

We are empowered by our partners. There is no greater lesson in life than to learn that our success is closely tied to our relationships with our peers in the industry, and through public-private sector collaborations that share our vision of technologies that better our future.

Imperfectly Perfect

We are motivated by our colleagues. We try to be imperfectly perfect in every line of retail code, every pixel of commercial design, every product idea captured in written form, knowing that these errors create the conditions to look beyond the obvious. After all, to err is only human but to really mess things up people need computers.