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We seek to understand the impact of technology on people. With the commercialization of the Web and the explosion of wireless communication in the digital age, we can say that humankind is entirely connected, albeit with greater disparity in access, distribution, and use.

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Source: Wired Magazine
Published: February 22, 2018


  • Bitcoin Debates with Roger Ver

    Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are two cryptocurrencies with similar properties. But the supporters of each of these Bitcoin versions have strongly divergent opinions on the direction of the Bitcoin project. At the center of this debate is the subject of block size. Bitcoin’s block size determines […]

Source: Slashdot News
Published: February 11, 2018


  • Cardano (ADA) & Ethereum (ETH) Soar –...

    Cardano (ADA) & Ethereum (ETH) – The cryptocurrency market is continuing to climb today and is currently sitting just over $430 billion. Today, we’re taking a look at two cryptocurrencies that are soaring on the market today. Source: CoinMarketCap Despite a few regulations being […]

Source: Blockchain News
Published: February 17, 2018


  • Another country has their “Bitcoin Aha!...

    Articles like this should give us pause.. as country after country experiences local currency crashes, will they all move to Bitcoin? Taken from the AP Wire article, “Venezuelans Seeing Bitcoin Boom as Survival, Not Speculation”   CARACAS, Venezuela — In the last month, John […]

Source: Point of Coin News
Published: February 20, 2018


  • Vote and Help Choose Bitcoin.org's New Design

    As one of the most-visited websites in the Bitcoin ecosystem, Bitcoin.org helps millions of people each month, learn more about Bitcoin. One of our goals in 2018 is to modernize the design of the site in an effort to continue to provide rich content and information to users in an efficient way, as […]

Source: Bitcoin News
Published: March 1, 2018