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We seek to understand the impact of technology on people. With the commercialization of the Web and the explosion of wireless communication in the digital age, we can say that humankind is entirely connected, albeit with greater disparity in access, distribution, and use.

Tony Oursler


  • Bringing Relevant Content into your Designs

    October 6, 2015Many important considerations impact software design. Business goals, user goals, user context, cultural considerations, platform paradigms, branding requirements, devices … the list goes on and on. While a primary focus for any software design effort should be the data or […]

Source: UX Magazine
Published: December 11, 2015


  • Lawsuits Threaten Infosec Research -- Just When...

    This year, two security reporters and one researcher will fight for their professional lives in court. Steve Ragan, senior staff writer at tech news site CSO, and Dan Goodin, security editor at Ars Technica, were last year named defendants in two separate lawsuits. The cases are different, but they […]

Source: Slashdot
Published: December 11, 2015


  • Keep up-to-date with the best news apps on iPhone...

    Are the days of traditional newspapers and broadcast news dwindling? With apps this good, maybe. Catch up on the latest headlines on any platform with the best news apps on iOS and Android. The post Keep up-to-date with the best news apps on iPhone and Android appeared first on Digital Trends. […]

Source: Digital Trends
Published: December 11, 2015


  • Diamantes e Banners, um modelo antagonista do...

    Qual é o preço de um diamante? Os diamantes são caros. Todo mundo sabe disso. No entanto, a maioria das pessoas acredita que os diamantes são escassos e difíceis de extrair. O que não é verdade.Há centenas de anos atrás, realmente era. […]

Source: Forrester Blogs
Published: December 11, 2015


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Published: December 11, 2015