We make technology matter by transforming retail stores into digital shops to create blocky marketplaces for the fastest growing market in the world.

BlockRetail Africa


Bevite Africa serves a wide range of public-and-private sector retail industries (e.g. sales, marketing, logistics, etc.), including governments and universities on the African continent. Due to the explosive growth in recent years from the “digitalization” of African’s economy, our focus is to empower the next-generation of Africa’s leaders with sustainable technology products, most of whom lack the capital to start their own businesses. Accordingly, we offer a wide range of innovative block commerce technology products for small, mid, and enterprise businesses (SME’s) to disrupt traditional “pay-to-play” retail models that require heavy investment capital or debt financing to improve the sustainability of local, regional, and national markets throughout Africa.


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Bevite Africa and Bevite Ghana, LTD. are wholly owned subsidiaries of Bevite, Inc.