Digital Nations

We improve the public’s engagement with the government by helping nations harness the power of technology to enrich people’s lives. We provide countries access to the most advanced set of digital products and services that make their services more effective, efficient, and secure to improve the public’s experience with their government.

Who We Are

Bevite, Inc. is a multi-national technology company that designs software based on its proprietary block (blockchain, blockshare, blocktrade) technology stack for public and private sector industries throughout the world. We architect web standards, including the design, development, and deployment mechanisms (collectively, “Standards”), for state actors to create better experiences with their constituents. Our Standards have grown into an open-source community of web authors, contributors, and developers supporting dozens of government agencies worldwide.

What We Do

The Bevite .Government program (“”) is a digital platform for governments worldwide that utilizes our network of secure government digital assets in coordination with the U.S. Government’s Office of Technology Standards and Transformation Services. Our Standards provide research-backed design patterns, development, deployment, and support processes for building highly secure-and-scaleable digital products for government agencies across the world. not only hosts official, government sites at the national, state, and local levels but also facilitates collaboration among government-to-government, government-to-business, and government-to-citizen entities in the most secure manner.



Our Standards offer the easiest path for governments to comply with the latest changes in government people, policies and practices for digital services. Our Standards support modern web design, development, and deployment practices, such as the use of materially fluid responsive design frameworks and patterns. By offering open-source, re-useable web assets, our Standards make it easy to deliver the highest-quality government websites to the general public.



Our Standards provide the easiest path for government leaders to support the diverse digital needs of its agencies. Our Standards provide web components focused on improving flexibility without sacrificing security, both from a technical and operational workflow performance perspective, including the ability to deliver the highest-level of accessibility to the general public.



Our Standards deliver the easiest path for government teams to scale the diverse digital needs of its agencies. Our Standards provide a comprehensive collection of secure web assets that reflect industry best practices, enabling teams to focus on the unique aspects of their work rather than waste time re-coding for every new product or service request to deliver the highest-level of usability to the general public.

Why It Matters

As African governments continue to drive economic growth, political governance, and social innovation, most will encounter rapid challenges in the delivery of services to citizens, businesses, or intra-governmental departments. The ability for state governments to sustain growth through emerging digital technologies will determine their competitiveness at home and on the world stage. To achieve success, governments across Africa must replace traditional approaches to delivering citizen-centric services with innovative solutions powered by cloud computing technologies to cope with the near-real time needs of its constituents, all of which starts-and-ends with a safe, secure, and scaleable .gov digital platform. As Africa moves into a new age of digital transformation, .governments must deliver tech-friendly environments to sustain socio-economic growth. Accordingly, we do our best to share our technology applications, platforms, processes, and software solutions to empower government leaders to better serve its constituents. Pre-Registration

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Bevite, Inc. arbitrates intellectual property issues such as the issuance of digital assets (e.g. domain names) on the network and reserves the right to deny all requests that do not meet our our digital asset management policies. Notwithstanding the foregoing, exceptions to all requests can only originate from an official agent or representative of the government who has the authority to commit such changes ("Authorizing Agent"). The Authorizing Authority is the highest elected official (e.g. President, Vice President, Secretary, Minister, etc.), that can authorize the use of any government-related assets in the public sphere.