We make retail matter by enabling businesses to sell products together in blocky ways to overcome barriers to acquiring inventory for the fastest growing market in the world.

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Neighborhood Marketplace™
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The Neighborhood Marketplace is the industry’s first commercial blockchain platform that empowers people to share products in their communities. The platform’s primary features, the Neighborhood Storefront and Neighborhood Market, let merchants transform their physical stores into virtual warehouses to sell products together from a common pool of shared inventory, creating benefits for the entire retail ecosystem. First, the Neighborhood Storefront provides businesses a simple way to sell products from local (“in-store” or “in-location”) inventory of goods and services, increasing sales without sacrificing profits. Next, the Neighborhood Market provides consumers an easy way of purchasing products from current (“in-stock”) availability of goods and services, saving time and money. Lastly, the Neighborhood Marketplace enables businesses to sell products together by sharing inventories throughout their communities, allowing everyone to grow.


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The Shared Marketplace is the industry’s first commercial blockchain-as-a-service platform based on our proprietary block commerce (blockchain, blockshare, and blocktrade) technology that empowers brands to BUY, SELL, or TRADE products and services with retail partners from a common pool of shared inventory across their sales channels.

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GO Delivery is the industry’s first shared retail distribution platform that lets businesses deliver products and services available in their communities. By building an on-demand retail delivery infrastructure for neighborhoods, we’re bringing communities closer one delivery at a time.


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